To All Lovers of Horror:

If it is possible to be both deeply fascinated by all things terrifying, and also childishly frightened by the very same, that is what I am. I would also identify myself as a late-comer to the genre of suspense & horror, which basically means that I was sheltered until my teenage years. I was easily fourteen by the time I saw my first horror flick (Hitchcock’s Psycho) and I believe it took me a solid 5 days before I would dare shower again.

Since that time, I have grown to appreciate horror the same way an arachnophobe can appreciate the beauty of a rain-dewed spider web. That is to say, from a distance. Hoping to improve that relationship, I decided to enroll in a class wholly devoted to horror, and as a result I am writing to you now.

This blog will encompass my opinions and perspectives on a variety of horror stories — from literature to film and anything in between. My goal is to definitely lose sleep throughout my readings and viewings, and perhaps my own pessimistic views will inspire the same feeling. No matter how disturbing the materials to be covered may be, I like to think that the greater statements and parallels these works will make can eclipse the surface-level fear of a “scary story.”

The reason I refused to shower after viewing Psycho was not because I feared Norman Bates might drop by in his mother’s dress — I feared my realization of how vulnerable we are as humans. The most frightening parts of life are all true stories first, and horror stories second.

Godspeed to us all.